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Broaching is a precise, economical, and dependable process to remove a specified amount of stock in a very short time, usually seconds. Typically there is a roughing section, a semi-finish, and a finish section. In most cases the first tooth is just as important as the last, as most broaching is generated rather than full-form cutting. It is important to sharpen all teeth to maintain continuity. If any one tooth on the broach is damaged, there is a good chance that size or surface finish will be compromised.


keyway gif tapertoolandbroach.jpg

Or key seating is a process involving machining specific shapes of an internal entity. The broaching tool is a single-point cutting reciprocating piece that cuts the desired shape and forms the keyway. There are a wide variety of keyways to choose from and each can be accomplished with the broaching process.


spline gif tapertoolandbroach.jpg

Spline broaching is an efficient way to create serrated, straight or involute splines. Industries that rely on spline broaching techniques include the automotive industry to produce transmission and driveshaft parts, among other items. The grooves on a spline allows for efficient transfer of torque by locking together separate components.


hexagon gif tapertoolandbroach.jpg

Hexagon broaching is a process used to create a precision hexagon at the end of a metal shaft or fastener by removing material from the part. Parts that have an internal hole shaped to a hexagon, allow for multiple points of contact to distribute forces without compromising
the integrity of the part.


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While it is typical for the geometry of a workpiece to be designed around standard broach geometry, we are able to accommodate unique shapes by creating non-standard design broaches.

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